Advantages of Mattress Protectors

With convenient and practical mattress covers, you can protect the sleeping surface from contamination and change the stiffness of the bed.
Properties of mattress protectors

What’s the benefit of mattress protectors

A mattress needs protector to:

  • prolong the mattress life (it protects from wearing out, dirt and external influences);
  • ensure hygiene on the bed – it is much easier to clean, wash or, if necessary, change the protector than the mattress itself;
  • provide antibacterial and hypoallergenic conditions in the bedroom;
  • ensure a comfortable and proper body position during sleep.

Many companies refuse in warranty service if there are stains on the mattress, and it is very difficult to remove them. So, the mattress covers help a lot. Read more ›

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Choosing all natural latex mattress

The popularity of all natural latex mattresses is increasing every day. Today, latex is probably the best material for mattresses. A few years ago, it was used mainly as filler for a thin upper layer of spring mattresses. But the development of mattress manufacturing industry and the latest design solutions allow creating non-sprung mattresses made of latex with excellent orthopedic qualities.
All natural latex mattress

Features of latex mattress

To make a mattress, both soft and tight latex is used. The mattress can have two layers or several tight areas inside the soft filler. It provides an even load distribution and creates excellent conditions for comfortable sleep. When choosing a latex mattress, pay attention to the number of hard areas, as well as on the quality of the connection among the different varieties of latex.

The main advantage of a latex springless mattress is an ability to take the shape of the sleeping body. The mattress is firm and does not let to take an awkward position: sleep on a latex mattress is the best prevention of spine diseases.

Latex can be all-natural or synthetic. The first one is derived from the rubber tree sap. Synthetic latex is orthopedic foam with properties close to the natural material. The mixture of natural and synthetic latex is the most common, and is usually in high demand. Read more ›

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