Choosing all natural latex mattress

The popularity of all natural latex mattresses is increasing every day. Today, latex is probably the best material for mattresses. A few years ago, it was used mainly as filler for a thin upper layer of spring mattresses. But the development of mattress manufacturing industry and the latest design solutions allow creating non-sprung mattresses made of latex with excellent orthopedic qualities.
All natural latex mattress

Features of latex mattress

To make a mattress, both soft and tight latex is used. The mattress can have two layers or several tight areas inside the soft filler. It provides an even load distribution and creates excellent conditions for comfortable sleep. When choosing a latex mattress, pay attention to the number of hard areas, as well as on the quality of the connection among the different varieties of latex.

The main advantage of a latex springless mattress is an ability to take the shape of the sleeping body. The mattress is firm and does not let to take an awkward position: sleep on a latex mattress is the best prevention of spine diseases.

Latex can be all-natural or synthetic. The first one is derived from the rubber tree sap. Synthetic latex is orthopedic foam with properties close to the natural material. The mixture of natural and synthetic latex is the most common, and is usually in high demand.

The advantages of all natural latex mattress

The best choice for health is certainly mattresses made of natural latex, and there are several reasons.

All natural latex mattress is known for its durability. It does not lump or lose shape and retain its properties even after many years. Due to the porous structure, latex mattresses have excellent ventilation properties – they breathe, do not absorb odors and are always fresh. They also derive moisture and do not accumulate dust, what prevents the growth of mites and other microorganisms. Latex mattresses are hygienic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and at the same time comfortable, convenient and durable, what explains their popularity among a growing number of buyers.

However, some experts believe that synthetic latex mattresses are in no way inferior to their natural counterparts. Still, this is not quite true as after a while, the difference is very noticeable. Artificial latex is less durable and tighter, over time it begins to crumble and lose its shape. But the price of a synthetic mattress is not very high.
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How to choose a latex mattress

The following tips will help to choose a quality all natural latex mattress that will last for many years.

1. With the latest technology, synthetic latex is almost indistinguishable from natural material in appearance or properties. However, over time, small differences are noticeable. The mattress of natural latex has a high degree of elasticity. In addition, it’s hypoallergenic and better preserves and gives off heat.
2. By its design and construction, the mattresses may be of pure latex and with a layer of coconut coir. The ideal mattress design should be as simple as possible. Thus, the integrity of the mattress will preserve for a long time without layers bias or moving of the inside parts of the filler.
3. If you still prefer multilayered mattresses, the choice should be like this: Dunlop inner layer and Talalay upper layer. The first is a good basis, and the second gives a great sense of comfort.
4. The most important feature of the outer cover are breathable properties. In addition, it should be as thin as possible, so you can enjoy the benefits of latex. Materials with the addition of wool without chemical additives is the best choice.
5. Before buying a mattress, study the reviews from other users and choose only well-known companies. This is an assurance of the product quality and timely resolution of disputes.
6. The warranty period shall not be less than 10 years. Moreover, you should be able to replace the mattress within several years. A good manufacturer offers such conditions.
7. Another useful option is an opportunity to return the goods within at least two months, and better – three months. It’s the so-called trial period.
8. Nice additions are special offers and presents. Pillows made of the same material as the latex mattress, make the sleep more comfortable.

Buying a mattress made of natural latex, you get a comfortable and restful sleep. Take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle!

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