Advantages of Mattress Protectors

With convenient and practical mattress covers, you can protect the sleeping surface from contamination and change the stiffness of the bed.
Properties of mattress protectors

What’s the benefit of mattress protectors

A mattress needs protector to:

  • prolong the mattress life (it protects from wearing out, dirt and external influences);
  • ensure hygiene on the bed – it is much easier to clean, wash or, if necessary, change the protector than the mattress itself;
  • provide antibacterial and hypoallergenic conditions in the bedroom;
  • ensure a comfortable and proper body position during sleep.

Many companies refuse in warranty service if there are stains on the mattress, and it is very difficult to remove them. So, the mattress covers help a lot.

Mattress protector with rustproof zipper

Mattress cover types

Two large groups according to their main feature represent all mattress protectors.

With corrective function

This type of mattress covers improves the performance of the mattress:

  • aligns its surface;
  • smoothes sagging parts and protruding springs;
  • can soften the hard surface or, conversely, make too soft bed harder;
  • regulates the temperature. Mattress protectors can’t affect the temperature of the bed, but they can influence the sleeping person’s feelings. Depending on your needs, the protector can warm or give cool.

All corrective models have protective features, as well.

With protective function

This kind of covers protects the mattress from external influences.

  • Antibacterial ones are made from a specially treated fabric that protects against bacteria, dust mites, mold, fungi, and other microorganisms.
  • Moisture-proof ones go with waterproof impregnation, membrane coating or oilcloth base. They protect against penetration of various liquids and are essential for young children or bedridden patients.
  • The classic cover consists of a common single layer of thick cloth, which protects the mattress from dust, dirt and minor mechanical damage (loose stitches from the cat’s claws).

The cover protects not only the mattress but also the sleeping person from:

  • allergies;
  • impacts of different microorganisms;
  • discomfort from the uncomfortable bed.

A few helpful tips

To make the mattress protector last a long time, you should follow simple rules. First – strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, since each material has its own peculiarities.

  • To prolong the life of the cover, it is necessary every 2-3 months to turn the mattress the other side.
  • Regularly ventilate it outdoors.
  • Do not iron.
  • If washing is permitted, choose the water temperature no higher than 40 degrees above Celsius.
  • Do not use aggressive detergents.

Mattress protector is a must if you want to enjoy your mattress for a long time, as well as to protect it, yourself and your family.

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